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With the intention of creating a dynamic and vivid platform for extraordinarily talented young musicians, the Munich Percussion Ensemble was founded in 1988 by Mr. Adel Shalaby. Its members are a constantly changing variety of graduates and students of his percussion class of the University of Music and Performing Arts, Munich.


The performances of the ensemble are devoted to open up the ears and eyes of a wide audience and make percussion instruments become more popular. Bringing together classical pieces, for example of Johann Sebastian Bach, Bertold Hummel and Carl Orff, with those of contemporary origin, like compositions of Chick Corea and Omar Khairat, enables the artists to convince international audiences of their open mindedness and  professionalism. 


They perform regularly in Munich and have already presented numerous guest performances in all over Germany, for example in Bamberg, Hanover and Nuremberg. The Munich Percussion Ensemble demonstrated it's ability and high artistic standard in plenty of productions at the well-respected State Theatre Gärtnerplatz of it's hometown. 

Furthermore have the musicians been able to enthuse internationally with their concerts in Budapest, Bordeaux and Cairo. 


One outstanding highlight of the past has been the participation in the opening ceremony of the celebrations for „850 years Munich“ in 2008. Several CD recordings, broadcastings and telecasts do additionally underline the artist's achievements. 


They have been invited to Egypt regularly throughout the past years, which is always seen as a prominent honor. One extraordinary performance has been the cooperation with the Cairo Symphony Orchestra and the A Cappella Choir under the direction of Mrs. Maya Gvineria. This concert took place in November 2012 and with respect to the 20th anniversary of the German Unity „Tag der Deutschen Einheit“. 


The Munich Percussion Ensemble is very happy about having been invited to the Royal Opera House of Muscat where it is presenting one very unique and remarkable program called „Between Orient and Occident“. Including musicians from various international backgrounds, it is specialized in  illustrating intercultural bridges and combinations not only throughout the choice of pieces. But throughout their emotion, energy and passion.


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